Documents for SSR

I Curricular Aspect

1.1.3 Participation of teachers in BoS and Academic Council
1.4.1 Stakeholder Feedback reports
1.4.2 Feedback reports of Students and Teachers on Syllabuss
1.1.1 Academic Calender

1.3.3 Field Projects




II Teaching, Learning & Evaluation

Extended Profile

2.2List of Students from reserved category

Reservation Policy University and Govt. letter translations

2.3Enroll/ Outgoing All subject list.

2.1.2List of Students Admitted from 2013 to 2017-18

Fresh students

Additional intake sanction letter from University

2.3.1 Students Seminars, Field tours

2.32 PPTs

2.3.3 Mentor allotment

2.3.4 Students Participation in Avishkar, Conferences and as resource persons

2.4.1Appointment orders and Joining reports

2.4.4 E-copies of Award letterss


2.6.2 POs and PSOs

III Research, Innovation & Extension

3.3.1Code of Ethics to check malpractices and plagiarism in Research

3.3.2 E-copies of Award letterss

3.3.3 Undertaking for Journals and LangLit

3.3.5 Research papers in the proceedings
          Research papers in Proceedings
3.4.1 Activities in the neighborhood Communities
3.4.2 E-copies of award letters

3.4.3 Reports of the activities

3.4.4 Extension Activity reports

Report of the activities

3.5.1 E-copies of collaboration

Membership and Field tours

3.5.2 Functional MoUs







IV Infrastructure & Learning Resources

4.1.4 Annual Budget for infrastructure augmentation
4.2.1 Library automation
4.2.2 Rare manuscripts
4.4.1 4.4.1 All Income Expenditure 2013-14 To 2017-18
4.4.2 Maintenance system
  1. Student Support & Progression
5.1.2 List of students received Scholarships
5.1.3 Career Counselling and guidance
5.1.6  Anti Raging Report
5.2.1 List of student placed
5.2.2 Student Progression to higher education
5.3.1 Students Achievements and sports

5.4.3 Alumini meeting
  1. Governance , Leadership & Management Criteria
6.2.1 Strategic Deployment documents
6.2.2 Organogram
6.2.3 E governance documents

6.3.2Vouchers of the Bills paid for Seminars and Conferences

6.3.2Policy Letter

6.3.3 Professional development programmes

Reports of the professional development programmes

6.3.4 Refresher & orientation certificates

6.3.4 E-copies of the Certificates of Refresher and Orientation Programmes

6.4.2 Annual statement of accounts

6.5.3IQAC meeting minutes, Action taken reports 2013-2018

6.5.4 Quality initiatives taken by IQAC

VII. Institutional Values & Best Practices

7.1.1 Reports of the gender equity promotion programs

Gender Audit Report

7.1.3 solar images tbk



7.1.10 & 7.1.11Reports of the activities to address locational advantages and disadvantages

7.1.12 human values and professional ethicss

Code of conduct


7.1.13 Core Values
7.1.14  Reports of the activities

Reports of the activities to increase consciousness about national identities and symbols

7.1.15 Code_of_professional_Ethics_Arts__Commerce_and_Science_College_Trymabakeshwar_Final

7.1.16 human values and professional ethicss

7.1.17Reports of the activities conducted for promotion of universal values

7.1.9 Facilities for divyangjan