Maratha Vidya Prasarak Samaj College of Arts, Commerce and Science, Trimbakeshwar and Department of Political Science jointly celebrated “World Human Rights Day” on Friday, December 10, 2021 under the guidance of Dr. A.K Shinde, Principal of the College. The Principal was Dr. A.K Shinde. The keynote speakers were Prof. Bhagwat Mahale, Head, Department of Political Science, Prof. Sandeep Gosavi, IQAC Coordinator, Dr. Sharad Kamble, Dr. Milind Thorat, etc. The keynote speaker, Prof. Bhagwat Mahale, Head of the Department of Political Science, said that human rights are a natural right and it is the responsibility of every citizen to prevent crises and it is a matter of time to safeguard them. Speaking further, he said that the natural rights of every citizen in the world are under threat today. Because the freedom of every person should be unimpeded and no one has the right to be deprived of this right. There are inherent rights for all human beings. Therefore, every person should fulfill his duty. In his presidential address, the principal of the college Dr. A.K Shinde said that it is time to celebrate World Human Rights Day. In his speech, he said that the great crisis has arisen due to the loss of prestige. Earlier, Prof. Sandeep Gosavi, Prof. Dr. Milind Thorat expressed their views. Morning Session Head Prof. Sandeep Gosavi, IQAC Coordinator – Dr. Sharad Kamble,,Dr. Milind Thorat, Dr. Nitin Borse, Dr.AjitNagarkar, Dr. Ashok Bhavar, Prof. Manohar Jople, Prof. Mrs. Nita Puntambekar, Prof. Mrs. SulakshanaKoli, Prof. AS Khade, Prof. Dnyaneshwar Male , Prof. Nilesh Mharsale, Mayur Kute, etc. The special efforts were made by the faculty staff. The program was attended by a large number of people. . The program was moderated by Prof. Dr. Milind Thorat and the vote of thanks was given by Prof. Sandeep Gosavi.

The principal was Dr. AK Shinde. On this occasion, keynote speakers, Head of Department of Political Science, Prof. Bhagwat Mahale, Prof. Sandeep Gosavi, IQAC Coordinator, Dr. Sharad Kamble, Dr. Milind Thorat, etc. were present on the platform.