The IQAC cell is operative in M.V.P. Samaj’s Arts, Commerce and Science College, Tryambakeshwar since April 2008. The Co-ordinator was Dr.P.R.Bhabad during the second cycle of the NAAC. Now it has an adequate office with the state of art facilities in the College building. The following is the composition of IQAC

The College has been accredited by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) at ‘C’ level in the year 2004 and reaccredited in 2011 with ‘B’, having CGPA 2.51. As the NAAC, Banglore expects from every accredited institution to establish an Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) as a post-accreditation quality sustenance measure. Accordingly, the college and the management officials established IQAC setup in the College with the Principal as its Chairman. The IQAC plays a crucial role in the implementation of the Quality Policy in the College and works for quality enhancement and sustenance. Moreover, It has been also developed a system for conscious, consistent and catalytic improvement in the performance of the college. IQAC prepares the quality documents describing various processes designed to achieve good delivery of curriculum to students. The document describes the Quality Assurance system, the set of guidelines, codes of good practices and procedures to be implemented by the various committees. Based on the prescribed guidelines, every entity of the college develops its own internal quality assurance mechanism. The mechanism is coherent with the quality assurance framework and approved by the IQAC, to evaluate the quality of teaching programmes and courses, academic staff, teaching and learning experience, student assessment and evaluation, support services, resources and facilities, and research and programme review processes.

The accreditation of Higher Educational Institutes in India through NAAC has certainly helped to instill a quality culture in the educational institutes and provided each institute the opportunity to protect and improve the quality of the education offered. The accreditation process has fostered the institutes for shared values and commitments of all communities involved (academics, administrative and support staff, students).

The College has undergone two cycles of accreditation. The recommendations and suggestions made in the previous two cycles have been followed and has enabled for all-inclusive and organized development in the areas of Teaching- Learning, evaluation, research and extension activities.

                                 Members of the Internal Quality Assurance Committee

1. Chairman, IQAC Principal Dr. P.V. Rasal
2. Few Senior Administrative Officers 1.      P.B. Paik

2.      R.K. Thorat

3. Teachers from the departments 1.   Mr. S. H. Deore

2.   Mr. C. D. Khairnar

3.  Mr. M. N. Khalkar

4.   Mr. S. J. Gangure

5.  Mr. S. M. Gosavi

6.  Smt. N. S. Puntambekar

7.   Mr. M.R. Thorat

8.  Dr. Smt. S. S. Gadakh

9.   Dr. C.S. Shinde

10. Mr. S. A. Dhat

11. Dr. S.M. Mali

12.  Dr. A. G. Nagarkar

13. Dr. S. J. Nikam

4. One member from the Management Shri. Sachin Pingale
5. One/two Nominee from local society, student and alumni Smt. Triveni Tungar
6. One/two nominee from Employers/industrialists Shri. Nandu Kadam

Shri. Magilal Sheth Sarda

7. Coordinator, IQAC Dr. S.S. Kambale