Department of Botany

Establishment Year : 2010
Intake : 120
Duration of Course :(Years) 3
Location : First Floor
Contact : 02594-233508
Vision : The sustained welfare of the students through a study of plant sciences.
Mission : I. To make students to understand plant process, development of human resource with hands on experience in the basic areas of Plant Sciences.

II. To strengthen the student’s ability to take up the higher studies in the subject and overall betterment of students.


  Dr. Sharad Suresh Kambale
Ph. D.(Botany: Angiosperm Taxonomy), SET (Life Sciences),
M. Sc. (Botany: Angiosperm Taxonomy)Assistant Professor
Contact : 9623127314
Email :
Areas of Research:
1. Floristics
2. Nomenclature of Angiosperms
3. Conservation Biology
Experience : 2 Years.
  Miss. Yogini Sudhakar Pagare
M. Sc. (Botany: Angiosperm Taxonomy)
Assistant Professor(CHB)
Contact : 7798375454
Email :
Areas of Research:
1. Floristics
2. Ethnobotany
Experience : 4 Years.Details 
  Mr. Chaudhari Ashok Namdev

M.Sc. Botany (Seed Technology),


Assistant Professor
Contact : 7588146687

     Areas of Research:

  1. Ethnobotanical Survey of Nashik District,
  2. Phytochemistry
  3. Antimicrobial activity,
  4. Medicinal plants



  Dr. Mrs Afra Ajaz Memon
M.Sc Botany(Plant Biotechnology),SETAssistant Professor
Contact :8956379515
Email :
Areas of Research:

  1. Biotechnology,
  2. Cell and Molecular Biology, Plant Physiology,
  3. Genetics and plant,
  4. Breeding, Plant Systematic, Tissue Culture,                         Details


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