The Dept.of Geography was established in 1998. The first batch of the year 1998-1999, Geography was at Gen. leval and then thereafter BA Geography was started at special level. Since then first passing year student strength increasing year by year. Now in year 2017-18 student admitted for Subject Geography are as follows FYBA gen level- 209 ,SYBA- Special level -15, ,TYBA- Special leval-15 Prof.Deore S. H., Prof.Borse Nitin and  Mrs.Manisha Patil are the Faculty members, and Shri J. B. Jagtap working as a Lab Attendant in the department. Department organize Ozone Day, Geography Day, Earth Day programme every year, on the occasion of programme chart, Quest, Speech and Seminar competition were organized. College provide required infrastructure lab and instrument for to run the Special course. It is our natural assets that college is situated in the richest Geographical region so god gifted external lab is available for practical study. Department organize study tour at various geographical location of India like Goa, Konkan, Nighoz, Ralegansiddhi, Lonar Lake, Verul Ajantha, Daulatabad, and many other geographical places.


Prof. Deore Suresh Harchand,
BA.,MA – (Geography),