Establishment Year June 1998
Intake FYBA/F.Y.B.Sc- 219 ,SYBA-60,TYBA-60
Duration of Course (Years) 3 years
Location Main Building, First Flour Room No 23, 24 ( North EastCorner)
Contact 02594-233508
Vision Lead the integration of natural, social, and information sciences to understand and solve problems of people and the environment.
  • Our aim is to make students aware about today’s world and make them educationally able to looking after tomorrow.
  • Service to the community by disseminating geographic knowledge and by providing geographic insights on important societal issues.
  • Our aim to provide students with a geographical education which is up to date, relevant to their lives and encourages independent learning.
  • Our  aim is to expand students’ Knowledge and Geographical skills about Local  Geographical variation  and through this Students can interactively study the interrelationships between the human and physical worlds and there interdependence.

Academic calendar 2019-20