Establishment Year 1998
Intake 360
Duration of Course Three Years
Location Ground Floor
Contact 02594-233508
Vision To arouse intellectual curiosity and built an appreciation of the students of Psychology for increasing the understanding of the world around them.
Mission To implement programs and activities for creating awareness of values for healthy behaviour of the students.

The Department of Psychology has been working with under graduate course since the beginning of the college in the year 1998. The prominent personalities like Prof. Shaikh, Prof. G. A. Panpatil, Prof. R. C. Pawar, and Prof. S. R. Katware were work as the head department of Psychology. And Dr. S. M. Mali has existing head of department. The Department has made remarkable progress in arranging the guest lecturers, student’s seminars and group discussions. The Department takes individual interest, care and concern in promoting the studies of the students. It encourages the students to actively participate in the teaching learning, research and evaluation activities. It also maintains cordial elation with the students and staff members. Department has been striving hard to improve the education standard of Tribal areas students and their results in the examination.

The psychology department seeks to provide subjects that help students to strengthen their knowledge in the fields of general psychology, counseling, social and industrial& organizational psychology are included in the curricula. Students with a learning experience that will equip them to face the challenges of an increasingly complex job market and prepare them to become active and engaged citizens at the local, national and international levels. The Department’s activities also extend to the community through its Counselling Center, where people come and seek carrier guidance and counseling. The Department also takes a lot of interest in social causes and works for extension activities.


M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D., SET. (Psychology)

Name of the Event / Activity Date


Resource Person No. of participants Description
Memory Development Techniques  14 &15 Sept.2017 Dr.S.M.Mali 145  
Students Seminars 20 to 22 Sept.2017 95  
Group Discussion 08 to 10 Feb.2018 115  
SWOT Analysis 5 & 6 Jan.2018 Dr.S.M.Mali 125  
Educational Trip


08 Feb. 2018 48  
Value and Life Education workshop 10 Feb. 2018 Prof. M.N.Khalkar


Counseling for needy students Dr.S.M.Mali 11  


Name of the Event / Activity Date  Resource Person No. of participants
1.         Lecture on Carrier in Psychology at Niphad College 09/08/2017 Dr.S.M. Mali 45
2.         Lecture on Counseling  at Pimplas College 01/02/2018 Dr.S.M. Mali 150
3.         Educational Trip at Mangi –Tungi 25/02/2017   55
4.         Lecture on Personality Development under BSD 10/02/2018 Dr.S.M.Mali 55
5.         Lecture on Green Day 28/01/2018 Dr.S.M.Mali 210
6.         Lecture on Vachan Prerna Din 13/10/2017 Dr.Vedshree Thigle