Event / Activity Name Date


(No. Of Days)

Resource Person No. Of Participants Description
Constitution Day 26/12/2017 Api Sachin Salunke 150 Celebrate Constitution Day
Mata Palak Melava 20/01/2017 Shri Kailas Ghule 300 Celebrate Mata Melava
Voters Day 25/01/2018   200 Celebrate Voters Day
Voters Day 25/01/2017 Mr. Kambale,

Election Officer

300 Celebrate Voters Day
Constitution           Day 26/12/2015     Celebrate Constitution Day
Voters Day 25/01/2013 Mr. Kambale,

Election Officer

150 Celebrate Voters Day
Competition Exam 24/08/2014 STI, Shri Vikran Takekar 200 Guidance For Competitive Exam